Tips in Creating Videos for Your Business and Retargeting

[fa icon="calendar"] October 10, 2016 / by Jaime Paredes

 Aside from traditional banners and static ads, we all know that VIDEOS are the future of advertising. Marketing videos allow you to talk directly to your clients and can capture their attention vs still images.  Making a recording of yourself, your employees or anything about your business can give your audience a better idea of who you really are.  You can actually TALK to them directly as well.

Finally! An Easy Guide to Videos, Including What You Should Talk About and How Long They Should Be

  • 15 second video -   This is normally used for Instagram.  You have a quarter of a minute to attract your audience, so be sure to make it short and sweet!
  • 30 second video - This is usually for Facebook. This can be a commercial promoting your business.  You can state the benefits of your service or product quickly, then encourage them to click or buy from your store.
  • 1-2 minute video -  This is obviously longer than the other two, so you can take the opportunity to introduce yourself, tell people about your background, give them a brief history about yourself , showcase some people that you've worked with before, and inform them exactly what you do.  This length is also best for promoting products or services that are not very expensive. (like a $20 shirt or a$10 bracelet)
  • 3-7 minute video - With this length, you have more than enough time to sell your services to your audience.  If your products are expensive (price point is high, like a $5,000 course on SEO or something else) this is the recommended length for you to explain to your customers why they should choose YOUR services or prodcuts over your competitors.

Here's a short video focused on creating videos and retargeting. Watch this:

Here's Your Quick and Easy Video Blueprint - Make Sure to Address These Questions

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What is your business about?  
  • What services or products do you sell?
  • Can customers buy your products somewhere else?
  • Why should they buy from you?
  • What are the benefits of your service or product?
  • Always include a call to action in your videos!

 BONUS: Watch the video as I share tips and strategies on how to RETARGET people to your website or landing page using videos.  Don't forget to download your free case studies from our website
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Written by Jaime Paredes

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