2 Kickass Brand Marketing Secrets Successful eCommerce Businesses Do

Videos done right can mean more $$$.  Aside from advertising your brand or products,  you can talk directly to your customers with a personal touch.  If you have an ecommerce site, this can be the perfect way to promote your business, and get more interaction.  Social media can do wonders, so don’t just focus on images alone.   Instead of posting text or pics,  why not share a video?

Ecommerce Marketing: Create Great Videos for Your Customers with EPIC Value

  • Your trusty phone can do the trick! Take advantage of your iPhone’s camera (or any smartphone that you own) and start shooting.
  • Talk about your business. What better way to send your message across than telling your customers how YOU can help them?
  • Camera Shy? Ask someone else! – You’ve got a ton of people to choose from: your employees, your customers or even hiring a spokesperson!
  • Provide a catchy offer! 30% discount? Free shipping?  Announce it through a video!


Two Surefire Ways to Use Videos to Your Advantage

  • Unboxing
    Have you ever watched a Youtube video showcasing how a person unboxes something?  I personally have! There’s something about their shear excitement that makes you want to wonder what’s inside the box!  Ask your friends and customers to make an unboxing video for your products, then upload to Youtube and share on Facebook.  Saves you a ton from video production expenses!
  • Testimonials
    This is 100x more effective than unboxing vids.  Why? Well, aside from showing people your product and its benefits, you get to demonstrate what people think of your items. Of course, your customers want to know if you’re credible.  Don’t stop at two or three testimonials, aim for more! That’s brand marketing for you!

How to Make Your Testimonials More Convincing

  • Ask open ended questions
  • Avoid yes/no answers
  • Encourage customers / speakers to share their experience or comments on your products

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