Make More Money with the Correct Content Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wondered how you can fight the search engine competition fair and square these days? As of June 2017, there are approximately 4.45 billion web pages indexed on Google. These numbers can be quite intimidating if you’re only starting a business and still trying to leverage the internet to build a solid clientele.

Intimidating as it may be, success is only a few strategies away. Google is very good about finding the web pages that provide value to visitors and equally as impressive in blocking bad material from ever reaching most searchers.

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Learning how to create a content strategy that Google will love is the key to getting more page views and it’s not as hard as you might think.

For Google to give the green light to a website, there has to be engagement with the reader. As a business owner, there is a strong need to develop a relationship with page visitors. They will come to you because they see you as an authority in the industry and they trust what you have to say.

Creating this
 content strategy plan can come in the form of social media updates, guest posts, and most importantly, your company blog. A company blog is the perfect avenue for companies to build their brand, grow traffic, and boost their reputation.

This is an excellent platform to produce fresh and high-value content, and thus has to be regularly updated. This serves as a hook to keep visitors on your page, which will boost engagement, as well as improve your Google ranking.

Before you add new contents, make sure to check out the current status of your blog/website.  Click on the link below to get your free SEO audit and find out your site’s status.

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Elements of a Good Content Strategy

  • Fresh content – No question, search engines want nothing but optimal user experience to anyone asking them questions. It’s all about trust. Users prefer the search engines that provides the BEST information, the ones capable of giving those up-to-date websites with the newest content.

    Known as QDF or Query Deserves Freshness, trending topics with recent content is given more weight. Websites with recent updates are interpreted as ones with more relevance and currency, giving much better user experience to searchers, compared to websites that have not been updated for months.
    • Properly Used Keywords – Search engines have keywords as their base commodity. However, important as it is, keywords are the probably the most misused SEO tactic.Companies, in the effort to outrank competitors, often place keywords excessively throughout their pages turning off readings and search engines. The ideal platform to target a lot of keywords is through a blog.

      Choose the best keywords for your business, create blogs and naturally incorporate these keywords into your content. These blogs may also allow you to create dedicated pages for your keywords in order for you to develop a page reporting strategy.Search engines will be able to identify and understand the keywords and phrases related to the blog post and start sending them your way.
  • Increased Pages – At some point, Google has affirmed that a large website does not necessarily mean higher ranking in search results. This could be true IF your website has little or no value. More pages gives you more chances to rank for a certain keyword, obtain PageRank, and engage your visitors. 
     Having more pages also provides you more chances to move people between your pages, thus improving engagement.
    You may also establish authority through backlinks as you have more pages of information others can link to. Each page gives you a new opportunity to rank higher in the SERPs.
  • Intensify Your Backlinks – One way to actively promote links is to create reputable and valuable content. Readers normally link back to blog posts if they see value in the blog and its content. Your blogs can have multiple pages that would contain links for different subjects.                                                                                                 In the past, because of numerous unsavory backlinking schemes, Google has changed it algorithms to weed out websites and placed value on the quality of the backlink instead of quantity.Search engines still see backlinks as a proof of a website’s authority, however, they only want to see useful and relevant backlinks.

Tips to Create a Successful Company Blog

A blog provides you ample space to create valuable content that search engines rank and page visitors enjoy. These additional pages with read-worthy content will not only make your website complete, but they are also your tool to boost SEO and engage your page visitors.

If keeping your blog updated is not part of your 
content marketing strategy framework, then it’s time to seriously consider and commit to it. Here are the solid tips to create a successful blog:

  •  Proper keyword identification (high search volume, low competition)
  • Consistent schedule of blog post release
  • Optimize your blog pages
  • Internal links and cross-reference in blogs
  • Social sharing buttons that are highly visible
  • Promote blog posts in your social channels and emails

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