For People Who Want to Use Facebook Ads and Don’t Know Where to Start

Facebook advertising….Now don’t worry, it’s NOT as difficult as you think!  If you’re comfortable with the old way of marketing, I don’t blame you.  However, we have to admit that sometimes it can be more expensive! Print ads, commercials — they can really burn a hole in your pocket.  You also take a chance.  Ask yourself, “Will the people watching this ad or reading this want to get my service?  I’ve spent 100’s or 1000’s of dollars on these ads, but am I really talking to the right audience?”

Why Facebook?

  • More than one billion people are active on Facebook.   Imagine  your service or product’s potential reach!
  • You get social engagement.
  • Your product or service is promoted, most of the time, shared for FREE!
  • Promoting your business on Facebook helps customers know who you really are.
  • People will eventually hear about your business, and learn to trust you.
  • CVideos (that you will be making) can go viral, which is turn, can generate more leads and sales.

Now You Can Try Facebook Ads Even if You Don’t Have a Clue How to Use It, Just Watch This Video!

  • Tried and tested strategy that works for small businesses
  • How making videos can advertise your brand effectively
  • Easy to understand funnel on how to make a sale or follow up with your client
  • Creating an offer that would be irresistible to customers