How Phil Received 336 Plumbing Service Calls in Just 30 Days!!

Have you ever wondered how to establish your business or service online, acquire more customers and get the phone to ring constantly? Well, today I want to tell you a story about a plumbing company that got 336 plumbing service calls in just 30 days (and how they got there from scratch)… with 100% no BS.  Just practical and simplified steps to take your business from nothing and turn it into a solid profit-making machine.

 Firstly, Phil is the business manager of Plumbers 911, a network of highly-trained plumbers in the South Florida area, that was established in 2012.  They provide 24/7 repairs for commercial and residential customers within the area.

Phil wanted to start the Plumbers 911 program online, but he had no idea how to do it. And to make it even more difficult, he was up against a ton of popular plumbers that already have their customer base, while he was just starting from scratch:  no website, no logo, no content… nothing.

The website was getting tiny amounts of traffic, and even worse, the phone wasn’t ringing.

Phil not only wanted the phone to start ringing, he needed the phone to start ringing, and he needed it fast. He felt stuck, but he knew that the A-2-Z Digital Business System had his back.

Aside from establishing their business online, marketing was another crucial step they had to take to get their phone ringing.

During the entire process, Phil was very cooperative and supportive. He encouraged the members of the union to make valuable videos for their website, share on the job photos and share DIY tips on social media.

To develop trust with his future clients, he gathered as many testimonials as he could from his current clients (Some were video testimonials) to show their professionalism and superior work.

After signing up for the A-2-Z Digital Business System:

After two months of setup and a few months of marketing, here’s what happened…

  • 336 Calls in just 30 days
  • 136 Clicks, 1,583 tweets (107 more) and 884 Facebook posts to date.
  • 238 website visits from Social Media
  • 7,512 website visits (32.46% increase), with 6,804 users and 9.387 page views. The site had an increase of 1,814 visits compared to the previous month.
  • 1,372 keyword phrases hit the top 10 results, and 202 keywords phrases ranked #1
  • Position #1 in the Local Snack Pack (Top Three Local Businesses for a specified search term) for the primary keywords

Of course, Phil was overjoyed with what we achieved for him.

As a result of what we provided, they now have several new locations and is continuously expanding the program all throughout the country… and yes, we still have their backs!

Want to get access to the same business system that Phil used to grow his business from square one?