Increase in Website Views with Our STORYselling Video Broadcast System

Getting leads is tough. Getting qualified leads? That’s a whole new challenge. Businesses that strive are those who can find their ideal customer and put themselves in front of them. Whether you sell a good or service, getting the right message in front of your customers is the only way you will survive. 

Plumbers 911 is a network of highly trained plumbers in the South Florida area. Operating in a three-county area in South Florida, their goal was simple; get more calls. More calls mean more business. They had an amazing service, which included over 10,000 combined hours of training and education, now they just needed a way to get their word out.

It’s no secret that people love watching videos. YouTube alone is one of the top three search engines in the world! There is a caveat, though. For your videos to be effective, they have to be exciting and memorable. Throwing up a video laying out your product or services will do absolutely nothing for sales. You need to have a few key elements – high quality, engaging storyline, and strong call-to-actions.

When Plumbers 911 came to us, they were offering a coupon for $50 off the first service call. It was a very good idea, but getting potential customers to the coupon was the real challenge.

STORYselling Video Broadcast System Finishes the Job For You

After we dug deep and determined who needed Plumbers 911’s services the most, we set out to create a short marketing video that would speak volumes to those who needed it. In the video, we made sure Plumbers 911 was the top choice for plumbing in the area and included a strong call-to-action that had people chomping at the bits just to get that $50 coupon! Not only did they have qualified leads calling them nonstop, but they had also collected their names and emails from the form to market to later!

With STORYselling Video Broadcast System, it’s more than an amusing video. It has an SEO-optimized title and description to attract the right people. It is high quality with an interesting story to keep your future customer engaged. It ends with a strong call-to-action to give your customers a way to take advantage of your incredible product or service. We will help you take your customer from pain to solution (in the form of your product) in just a 2-3 minute video. We will handle the video production process, don’t worry about it!

With Plumbers 911, we did just that. The results were staggering!

  • 7,512 website visits (32.46% increase), with 6,804 users and 9.387 page views the site had an increase of 1,814 visits compared to the previous month.
  • 1,372 keyword phrases hit the top 10 results, and 202 keywords phrases hit the #1 Position!
  • Ranked #1 in the Local Snack Pack (Top Three Local Businesses for a specified search term) for the primary keywords.
  • 136 Clicks, 1,583 tweets (107 more) and 884 Facebook posts to date.

The power of video combined with targeted marketing has unlimited potential. Let 30 Leads 30 Days use STORYselling Video Broadcast System take your business to the next level.

Ready for the next step? We can help you blow up your sales and leads.