How We Used A Marketing Video To Increase Our Leads By 120%… In Just 7 Days!

Have you ever thought making promotional videos for a product that you want to sell, and suddenly you think: “No that’s not going to work” or “I don’t know where to start…”.

Well, today I want to tell you a story about a hair stylist who was sick and tired of trying everything to get new clients for her new hair extension product.

Shanah is the owner of a beauty salon located in the city of Miami. She has been a professional stylist for more than 8 years and is highly respected.

She is also a very brave cancer survivor. After a long battle against cancer, that she never surrendered to, she decided to dedicate her special talent and abilities to helping people who have lost all or a large part of their hair because of a disease. She helps change people’s lives on a regular basis.

A year ago, Shanah traveled to Los Angeles to receive a limited training about a new innovative technique in the placement of Hair Extensions. This new system discards the use of wigs and gives new hope to those people who don’t have enough hair for traditional extensions, as they do not have enough hair to pin up them. Shanah had gone through the terrible experience of wearing wigs until her hair grew enough to be able to attach natural extensions.

After training and becoming a master at this new technique for hair extensions, Shanah returned to Miami to promote her new and expensive product.

She placed offers on the outskirts of her beauty salon, sent emails, and posted information on her website. She did everything that was traditionally done in terms of marketing and advertising.

After a year of struggling day by day using the traditional marketing, tired and frustrated, Shanah was searching through her social networks when she discovered the new “30Leads 30Days” service:

Shanah had already spent a lot of money on traditional advertising without results, so she decided to give the STORYselling Video Broadcast System a chance.

She contacted the 30Leads 30Days, and immediately had personalized attention and flexibility according to her budget. They knew the true essence of her work and vocation and turned it into a 100% differentiated and engaging slice of life video.

Then with a perfect combination of campaigns and sales funnels, that video was seen by thousands of people, increasing leads, and of course, sales.

Shanah had tried to do video marketing in the past and even tried using Instagram videos, but it never really worked. It wasn’t until she used the video created by 30Leads 30Days and their “Secret Formula” called: The STORYselling Video Broadcast System

Today, 1 month after launching the video, Shanah is a very satisfied customer, as she unveiled her new product and has received many inquiries about her new system for hair extensions, and better yet, to inquire about her other services too!

Video is everywhere, but when was the last time you saw a marketing video that truly stood out to you? Very few videos can achieve this. Even videos with high production costs struggle to do this! Our STORYselling Video Broadcast System completely changes this!