How to Make $1000 Using Your iPhone and Facebook Ads

“You mean to tell me the video quality out of this phone is the SAME as a $2000+ HD video camera used by videographers and other professionals dedicated to creating videos for clients?!”

This was my reaction back in 2013  when I got my second iPhone and investigated its ability to make super high quality videos. I’ve had smartphones in the past, but I bought the iPhone thinking that “this is a great way to do some videos for my personal Facebook page!”. Little did I know that I would use my iPhone and Facebook ads to completely change the direction of my digital marketing agency!

So, I started creating 30 second to 2 minute works of art!  Actually, they were not very good, quite frankly, they SUCKED. I tried to come across sincere and my “playful self” but instead, looked stiff and robotic. I was reading from LONG scripts and this felt weird. It took me around 10 to 15 times before I started feeling “like me” on camera. So, once I started getting better, I wanted to post on my Facebook business page AND different social media platforms.  Because I had a small audience, they didn’t get very many views.

“I’m just practicing anyway,” this is what I told myself while the view counts were in the 10’s to 20’s. Eventually, the REAL me came out and this is when I started to spend money on marketing these videos (and view counts were in the 100’s).  Moral of the story, do NOT judge yourself on the first handful of videos you do.  Practice, practice, practice and you will eventually see the TRUE you and this will resonate with your audience!

Up until this point, I had been working on Facebook for well over 1 year, setting up campaigns, ad sets and targeting based on specific interests.  Long story short, what I was doing was working but NOT simple to express to non-Facebook users and results would often take weeks to develop.

Well, someone showed me how to boost a post on Facebook (the correct way) and that changed everything for me. This person sat me down and said, “Listen, you know a better way get reach and better engagement from your videos is boosting.”  I thought to myself, that is WAY TOO basic and doesn’t drive specific action. I’m an open minded guy so I listened and this is what he told me….

You set up a regular post on your Facebook business page (or Fan page as it was referred to in the past) and upload your video.  You then go ahead and boost.  Key —  the most important part of the boosting is the targeting. Who are you  gonna target in that boost? Who do you want to see your video?

Hopefully that video has something compelling, something interesting and tells your audience why they should be listening to you, why you’re different and the benefits of buying your services or products. CRITICAL —  the first 10 seconds is the most important part of your video –  this will determine if the person sticks around or not! Somehow you have to make that personal connection, you have to break that boring barrier, and really just speak to them in a way that’s gonna shock them into stopping and listening to what you have to say.

Back to the boosting…

How do you determine who to target? Are you  looking for male or female?  Or Both?  What specific age group?  Do they live in a specific city or is this nation wide?  Lastly, what 2 – 5 interests can you find that YOU BELIEVE your target audience relates to?  It’s better if you go a little broader and try and hit as many people as you can within your target audience.

So, now, how much do you invest? I typically invest anywhere from $10-$20 for 24 hours, no more. And I’m looking for the greatest amounts of likes, shares and comments.

The more likes, shares and comments they have, the more I know that I hit a nerve with that video. In other words, people LIKED what they saw and heard!

The next steps would be to take that video and put it in a Facebook campaign. Develop a campaign around it, with your products or services and start selling.  So what we just did is TESTED that video on the cheap and we can now look at the stats and determine if this video can be used in a Facebook campaign.

So I am completely transparent…

After around the 20th time I uploaded a video to my business page; boosted it; figured out which one’s people connected with; built out the campaign to sell my digital marketing services….

I made my first $1000 using — my iPhone, Facebook Ads and the little known secret of BOOSTING to test what people liked and what they did not from what was posted on my business page.  How did this change the direction of my company?  I went from focusing on organic marketing ie. SEO to paid lead generation with the focus being on Facebook ads.

Today, I try to get on video 1 x per day (either Facebook Live or in-studio) and present some useful information to my target audience so they will learn about what I do and how I can help them achieve their lead generation goals.

Would love to hear from you.  Leave comments below and give me 24 – 48 hours to respond t each and every comment, one by one.

Next blog, I’ll be talking about more landing pages, email marketing and Facebook campaigns.

Until next time. Jaime Paredes, signing out!