Tips in Creating Videos for Your Business and Retargeting

Retarget with videos

 Aside from traditional banners and static ads, we all know that VIDEOS are the future of advertising. Marketing videos allow you to talk directly to your clients and can capture their attention vs still images.  Making a recording of yourself, your employees or anything about your business can give your audience a better idea of who…

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How to Promote Your Business With Facebook

Direct mail, magazines, value packs, newspapers and all forms of print ad marketing … you name it, you’ve probably done it!  Have you ever thought what a game changer it would be if you actually used Facebook, instead of spending 1000’s of dollars on traditional ads?  Hey, I’m not saying that print ads are dead, because…

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For People Who Want to Use Facebook Ads and Don’t Know Where to Start

Facebook advertising….Now don’t worry, it’s NOT as difficult as you think!  If you’re comfortable with the old way of marketing, I don’t blame you.  However, we have to admit that sometimes it can be more expensive! Print ads, commercials — they can really burn a hole in your pocket.  You also take a chance.  Ask…

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What If I Told You That Your Print Ads Could Do Better on Facebook for a Cheaper Cost With a Higher Chance of Closing Sales and Getting More Customers… Would You Be Interested?

Have you been trying to use all sorts of marketing schemes but still end up with zero leads? Have you been aggressively advertising on magazines and newspapers (spending a LOT of money) but  not happy with the results? Are You Making These Advertising Mistakes? Spending 1000’s of dollars on print ads without knowing if these…

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How to Make $1000 Using Your iPhone and Facebook Ads

“You mean to tell me the video quality out of this phone is the SAME as a $2000+ HD video camera used by videographers and other professionals dedicated to creating videos for clients?!” This was my reaction back in 2013  when I got my second iPhone and investigated its ability to make super high quality…

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