How to Promote Your Business With Facebook

Direct mail, magazines, value packs, newspapers and all forms of print ad marketing … you name it, you’ve probably done it!  Have you ever thought what a game changer it would be if you actually used Facebook, instead of spending 1000’s of dollars on traditional ads?  Hey, I’m not saying that print ads are dead, because they are NOT.

However, I just want to show you how much your business can leverage even more by using Facebook.  Well, if you have enough budget, imagine how you could promote your business with Facebook marketing and traditional marketing…

Facebook marketing | Facebook Advertising

Okay.. so Facebook.  Now what?

“What do I write?”, “What is the best way to send my message across?”,”What approach should I make?”

Well, I am about to let you in a little secret.. it’s actually a very cheap, cost effective, tried and tested way to promote your business and let people know who you are… PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS.

Promotional videos

Why?  Well, videos allow you to communicate who you are, what you do, how you do it, why you’re different and why they should call YOU, not anyone else.  This is your way of talking to your audience, telling them about your services and how you can help them.

Here’s The Quick and Easy Way for People to Get to Know Your Business Better

  • Shoot a video in your office or while you’re doing your practice.  Show them what you do.
  • Gather testimonials from your customers.
  • Showcase your equipment, tools, awards and others.
  • Talk to your clients through videos.  Grab this opportunity to let them know who you are.
  • Introduce people to your business, and assure them that they’re in good hands.
  • Try to interview your staff, receptionist and more.

You Don’t Need Be an Expert to Create Videos for Your Business

Create videos for your business

 Once you have a number of videos, what can you do next?

  • Offer them a deal they can’t refuse
  • Gather leads
  • Create a landing page
  • Create a marketing funnel
  • Follow up with your leads (by calling them or emailing them)
  • Incentivize.  Offer them something better in order to visit your business as soon as possible.
  • Write some follow up emails, educating them of who you are so they could understand you better.  No need for sales letters.  Those can come in another time.