Video Production Never Tasted So GOOD!

Running a business is hard. It’s more than just selling a product or service. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real mass of the business hiding underneath the water, the hardest part, is finding people that actually want what you are selling. Once you find people that might be interested, you still have to convince them they need your product. They can’t live without it.

That is the hard part. Thousands of businesses fail every year. It’s not that they don’t have a good product or service – most of them do. The problem is that nobody knows they have a great product or service. That’s the problem Robert had.

Robert runs La Caja China, a company that sells a unique roasting box that is unmatched in roasting larger animals such as pigs and goats. Robert knew he had a quality product that people would love, but he had trouble getting the word out.  He wasn’t even sure how to shoot a great video.  Having researched the market, he knew he wanted to create a video. Something different. Something disruptive – and he found it in the form of a story.

Video Production Done for Roberto Guerra, Owner, La Caja China

Storytelling is Older Than Grandpa

People have been telling stories for thousands of years. Nobody can resist a good story. We know this and abandon it entirely when it comes to marketing. Most companies want to talk about themselves. “We offer this, this, and this”. Nobody cares. If you really want to stand out, you need to keep your visitors engaged. Only then can you start to worry about marketing tactics.

With video, it’s even more powerful. Think of the Super Bowl commercials you’ve seen. They’re entertaining and engaging. Imagine having that for your company. Robert knew he needed this, so he asked for help from us at 30 Leads 30 Days. We have our own video production system  that can not only show Robert’s grill, but show how incredible of a product it is.

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5 Steps to Greatness

All great systems have steps, and this is no different. To create a truly disruptive video, you need to have a combination of planning and execution.


In pre-production, the focus is on strategy. What does the client want? What will the script say? Where will it be shot? What language will it be in (we offer both English and Spanish)?  Laying the framework is essential for success.  This is why we’ve developed a very intensive script and storyboard for the client.

Video Production Story Board, La Caja China


It’s showtime! It’s time to shoot the video, edit and prepare the video for launch.

Teaser Campaign

During the 10-14 day stretch it takes to produce and edit the masterpiece, the “secret” starts to leak. Pictures from the video are released in a series of “teasers” where people go to a landing page, and an email address is collected. The landing page is designed to draw even more attention and curiosity towards the product. By the time the launch comes around, we want the target customer to chomping at the bits to get their hands on the product.


Time to show the world. The video is posted on multiple platforms combined with several blog posts and press releases to promote it.

On Facebook, we used both paid ads and organic reach to get the video shared as much as possible. We also utilize Google for ad placement and retargeting to make sure the customer’s product is always in front of the target customer. For good measure, we even advertised on YouTube. We want to make sure the client’s video is seen regardless of where their target customer hangs out at.

Post Analysis Summary

Check out what the video did! Seeing the performance of the video is invaluable feedback that can be used to adjust the marketing of the video. We check out stats such as visitors, conversion rates, emails collected, likes, shares, etc. We’ll look at every measurable metric we can use to improve it.  The numbers below are the results of the campaigns.

Spanish Campaign Main Video Analysis (after 7 days)

Spanish Teaser Campaign Analysis (after 15 days)

English Campaign Main Video Analysis (after 15 days)

These steps are crucial to make sure an amazing video is created, has proper buildup, and is setup for maximum exposure including local video marketing. After the 5 step process, there’s no looking back. Business will never be the same again.

Don’t forget, we’re giving away a FREE case study that talks about this campaign IN DETAIL! Download it now!

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