Do You Want to Start an Online Business But Don’t Know Where to Begin?

Heeey there! Welcome back!

So this month, we would like you to join us as we start another business online (from scratch)… this time, focusing on Drone rental for real estate, tv and photography within Miami, FL.  This video gives you an overview of what steps we’re going to take before launching the business.  Follow us as we discuss every aspect of this project: from inception to when the site is up and running!

The A-Z’s of Starting and Marketing an Online Business

  • Start with your business name –  Figure out what you want to sell. Is it a product or a service?  Find out the best name you want to use for your business.  Plus points if you’re creative!
  • Design your logo –  Whether or not you know Adobe Photoshop isn’t an issue here.  You.Must.Have.a.Logo… a nice one for that matter.  Don’t settle for boring text logos that just feel “meh”.  Hire a freelancer to get the job done (bonus: watch the video and find out where we get our images for our logos and other ideas!)
  • Purchase your domain name – This is the most important step.   Your domain name says it all plus, it makes things look more professional.  For $10 a pop, (or even less), why not?
  • Map out your online marketing plan – Blog contents? SEO? PPC? Facebook Ads?  Write down all the marketing strategies you have in mind.. then little by little put them into play.

For Anybody Looking to Start an Online Business… Follow Us in the Next 1.5 Months as We Set Things Up!

  • Educational
    We want to help other people like you, who would like to start a digital business, learn the steps from day one. I will be  giving you a free, step by step case study video, that will show you the how to’s of setting up an online business.  We want to be very transparent, and I’d like to show you when the first dollar comes in, then talk about what we did and how we did it.
  • Framework
    This video can serve as your framework in terms of what you need.  I’ve been in this field since 2008 and I would love to share with you my knowledge and experience in digital business start ups.  Follow me in the coming months and see what we’re working on, from our website design to Facebook.. until we launch!  I may share with you a few drone keywords that we used as well!

What else do you want to know about marketing online?  What would you like me to discuss?  I’d love to hear from you!  Don’t forget to download your free case studies from our website.  Absolutely no optin, no emails needed.