Top Facebook Advertising Secrets for Small Business Owners

Have you been trying to use all sorts of marketing schemes but still end up with zero leads? Have you been aggressively advertising on magazines and newspapers (spending a LOT of money) but  not happy with the results?  

Are You Making These Advertising Mistakes?

  • Spending 1000’s of dollars on print ads without knowing if these are actually working
  • Publishing ads without even telling your consumers what your service is about
  • Telling people thay they can save money but not actually telling them how much
  • Showing what your business is about but NOT focusing on how it can help them
  • Promoting your brand but not using videos in your marketing plan
  • Sticking to one advertising strategy hoping that someday it will work 

Now You Too Can Earn Money from Facebook Ads… Even if You’re Used to Conventional Print Advertising (and you want a change!)

In this video, I’d like to:

  • Educate small business owners like YOU on how you can leverage using Facebook Ads
  • Share with you a simple but effective way to turn your print ad offer into a better Facebook advertising campaign that would reach your target audience
  • Let you in on one of the tried and tested approaches to Facebook ads using video (and it’s NOT rocket science!)
  • …and also, how you could spend even LESS than print ads to get a lead or generate a sale

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