How Video Marketing Can Be the Fastest Way to Earn You More $$$

It’s no secret. You make them laugh or cry, they come in droves. If you make them angry or inspired, they can’t get enough of your videos or your product. Video marketing has truly taken a hold of  strategies for every company. No longer is it a department or piece of the plan. Video marketing IS THE PLAN. YouTube has even reported that video consumption has risen 100% every single year!

Mind Blowing Statistics About Video Marketing

  • Video In Emails Leads To A 200-300% Increase In CTR.
  • After Watching A Video 64% Of Users Are More Likely  To Purchase Your Product Online.
  • 92% of Mobile Viewers Share Videos With Others.
  • ⅓ of All Online Activity Is Spent Watching Video.
  • The Average User Spends 16 Minutes Watching Video  Ads Online Each Month.
  • Real Estate Listings With Videos Receive 403% More Inquiries Than Those Without.

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Quick Tips To Help Build A Successful Marketing Video

It’s easy to talk about how great video is and how it completely transforms CTRs and brand affinity. But how do you hone in on your demographic and get your brand into the video cookie jar? Think brand marketing! Let’s lay out some very simple things to do to ensure you are on the path to a successful video.

  1. Make the first few seconds incredible! Ok…ok…You don’t need to hire some celebrity to blow up the “bad” version of the products competing against you, while slowly walking away towards the camera where they find your product to kick it off. But, you really do need to grab the viewer’s attention from that very first second. Viewer’s are gained or lost in the first 3-5 seconds of a video. So don’t miss your opportunity. Choose a reliable video production team for this.
  2. You can’t please everyone, so do not try! Make sure you pay attention to the “tags” on your video that really bring in a great number of viewers. Be sure to read the comments and interactions to further explore who is really into your content.
  3. Once you really feel you’ve accomplished #2, then go through and translate your tags to other languages! Now you’ve built a list of great tags and you are about to double or triple them by tagging your video on other languages as well. You’re Welcome!
  4. Is your audience millennials? Like, someone in the 20’s to 30’s? Well then if you are going to do a shoutout or can afford to pay for an A, B, or C list celebrity endorsement, don’t think silver screen. YOUTUBERS are the biggest influencers now. Find one that has a similar audience to your demographic and start the negotiations!
  5. Never “publish” or “complete” a video without contextual elements or CTAs, even if your video explodes and lights a beacon onto your company. You will have wasted so much potential by not giving the viewers an easy way to your landing pages or products. Be sure to always end your videos with a LARGE and focused call to action.

Things To Avoid When Producing Online Marketing Videos

What mistakes should you avoid when getting your video(s) together and ready for the never ending audience on the internet anxiously awaiting your productions? So glad you asked.

  1. Make your video more about “the story” than “the product”. You can’t be so caught up in SALES! and getting products sold that you forget the purpose of the ad in the first place. The key is to bring them in, entertain them and make them want more. All of this brings trust, affinity and desire to know more about you as a business. Think of the product as a bonus punchline right at the end. Its an improv line that you decided to toss in, or an element of the story that fits without taking over the narrative.
  2. Keep the message clear. Don’t go all over the place with your delivery. Don’t advertise numerous products. Keep the video focused on the prize. Do you have an inspiring, hilarious or sad story to tell that ties into your product?  Great, stick to it!
  3. Speak with the voice of your audience. If you are targeting kids who grew up in the 90’s with some sort of a throwback product or a relatable topic for them, I hope you’re not targeting people under the age of 25! Speak to your audience and target your audience. This can completely make or break a great video. 

How To Gain Instant Traffic

We see how valuable and powerful video is. We’ve gone over some things that MUST be done and things that MUST be avoided.  Now you’re on your way to creating a fantastic video. What can you do to get viewers to the production and get them there FAST?

Parody a Trending Video or Channel

What are the most searched topics on Google? What are the top trending tweets? What  Facebook discussion and banter are being tossed around? Make a list of trending topics, at least 10. Which of these topics can you apply to your video story board or relate to your product in ANY WAY to join the trend?

You see, the point is to ride the back of something that is already being talked about by everyone. For example, right now Donald Trump is a very trendy topic. If I were selling a new kind of diapers, maybe I would find a way to use Trump and the entire USA #@$%ing themselves as a result. “Get Trump Proof, With Our New Floom Diapers!”. Did you laugh? Get angry? Did that make you sad? Or did that example of my Floom Diapers inspire you to do something great? Good! Because that is the idea.

Shoutout With A Popular Channel

We mentioned before that YOUTUBERS have all the power right now. Instantly tap into every single follower they have! Get a hold of one and have them shoutout your product, channel or video… Maybe even all of the above. In some rhyme for reason, get them involved. Sometimes, (depending on your product) it’s as simple as “hooking up” the youtuber with your products for free. Others may just think your video is hilarious. Some may feel gracious and like the product. Most of the time it comes with a price. There are endless youtubers to contact, from channels with tens of millions of subscribers to channels with a few hundred thousand. Reach out, negotiate. It never hurts to ask.

What Are You Waiting For!?

You are now equipped with some quick knowledge to help lead you on your quest to successful video marketing stardom! Choose your product, find your audience, build your storyboard, STRIKE EMOTION with your content, create your video, follow these steps and enjoy your success!