For Every Type of Business Owner Who Wants to Do Video Production, But Doesn’t Want to Be on Camera

We all know how important videos are these days.  Aside from YouTube being a huge platform for video marketing, videos become ways to promote your products and send your message across to your target audience.  Now, the question is, how can YOU,  Mr. or Ms. businessowner, make a video production for your services?  I mean, is the process complicated?  How expensive would it be?

You Don’t Need to Be on Cam to Shoot Awesome Videos

  • Find someody in your office who is charismatic and outgoing.  He or she can be on camera, talk about your business and how your service can benefit your customers.
  • Find a spokesperson – Ask other people to do the job.  Find an actor or actress from websites that specialize in these services (bonus! Name of the website is mentioned in the promotional video above, so make sure you watch it!)
  • Look for an actor/ actress that best represents your business – Consider the gender of the person and race, based on your target audience.
  • Write your script– Make your script around 30 seconds to a minute long. Short and sweet.  Writer’s block?  Google some script templates and more!  You’ll have an instant guide.

What If You Want to Hire Your Own Actor and Give Him Your Own Instructions, Real Time?

  • Visit an outsourcing website.  Watch the video to find out where.
  • Look for an actor or actress.
  • Talk to them about their rates.
  • Ask for a discounted price or negotiate, and tell them you plan to use them for future work.
  • Look for a studio that you can rent.
  • Talk to a videographer or find a cameraman who can help you out.

After Your Videos, What’s Next?

  • Embed it on a Facebook ad
  • Create your landing page
  • Landing page will have another video with the same spokesperson
  • Optin and CTA

 BONUS: Watch the video as I share the exact WEBSITES where you can hire your own spokesperson for as low as $5!  Don’t forget to download your free case studies from our website.  Absolutely no optin, no emails needed.