11 Big Website Blunders Business Owners Make And How To Avoid These!

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It’s pretty obvious that this is the era of the new millennium where everything under the sun can be found not only on libraries or encyclopedias, but rather on the internet. As the millennials say, “If you don’t know the answer, Google it.” It is on that perfect phrase which shows that the web is a venue for maximum research and visibility perfect for everyone. But on the other hand, not all are blessed with a golden hand and eye in creating a website which will outstand the competition. Only those big companies with a budget for hiring numerous web developers and graphic designers are lucky enough to have a sleek website. Have you ever asked yourself that maybe, just maybe.. Your website is a big factor why your business isn’t booming?

Well then read on, we’ve compiled 11 Big Website Blunders Business Owners Make And How To Avoid These to make your website user more friendly, more attractive and optimized for conversion!

  1. Wrong Choice of Images: Often times some companies are not good on executing and distinguishing themselves amongst their competitors. Do you know why? Because they are afraid and probably just use what their competitor has. A quick hack is to avoid using those obvious looking stock photos you see in the market. Common and excessive use of stock photos may imply that your company is just as another entity in the universe trying to be unique but not.
  2. Using Words That Are Overly Salesy:  One of the most common and obvious mistakes is using overly complicated writing. Some sites use deep terms that are hard for the readers to comprehend. Today’s people are pretty witty; they know that salesy language of many websites may actually be just a front to look impressive. If your website does not clearly communicate what you can do, and how you do it– then you’re in for the long haul my friend. The answer? Just keep it on-point and be specific on the service or product that you are offering. It’s much better to speak in a way that your audience can understand 
  3. Outdated Contents: A lack of commitment to create an engaging content to your website can really hurt your business. Some studies show that consumers leave a website because it’s either cluttered, unorganized or plainly unattractive because it lacks content. Often than not, outdated content could bring lots of questions about your business like lacking attention to detail, no budget, fly-by-night and more. Audibly, these are the things that you don’t want to see or hear right? Update your site regularly. If you are the type of person who is usually busy, a sole proprietor, or somebody who’s ran out of ideas–  hiring a freelancer can make the ends meet. No hassle, less stress.
  4. Zero Blogs: Blogs are an extension of the website. The usual objective is to convey a message that can really trigger the hearts and mind of your audience, and it’s where you can really convey your position on specific topics that affect your clients. Focus your online efforts on educating prospects and clients—not selling your services. Focus on sharing to them something that is valuable that would make them want to come back for more.
  5. Not Being Able to Measure Your Numbers: Many professionals don’t realize the wealth of information analytics can provide. Your website analytics could be your key to a successful online business or even to your professional services. Treat it like your digital bible for your business and you will never go wrong with it.  Study the flow, the bounce rate, the entry and exit pages, plus the source of traffic.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Install Google Analytics on your site ASAP! Tip: The path to the golden bucket is hidden here: ANALYTICS
  6. No Offers Within Your Website: People don’t always come in your page in the same manner as how you ended in others. Some may bounce into your site thru your inner pages or some by clicking on a blog or landing page. This is what they call non-linear approach.  When creating a website blueprint, always consider this kind of approach. You may take note on using key messages so that the people may not feel lost or confused. One suggestion is to insert “offers” in certain pages and direct them to other parts of your site.  Do you notice that on some sites they use what they call BREADCRUMBS? It’s not to make your site beautiful, it is there to guide your readers on which part of the site are they on.

    One more thing, do not forget to utilize the power of landing pages from your own marketing campaigns. You can direct traffic into those landing pages that talks to a particular niche or target.

  7.  Absence of SEO: SEO.. what?  If you don’t have any idea what it is or what it does, find someone who can help you rank your website.  You might think it’s not needed, but believe me… IT IS! Not utilizing your website’s SEO  is like conceding to your competitors. If you are serious on taking your site into a new level, you must not turn your on it and dominate the web by using this technique to tap your target market. 

  8. Non-responsive Website: Responsive websites are no longer nice-to-haves. They are must haves! Accessibility is transferring you web-based platform into mobile. Aside from having a convincing design and informative content, you need to have a mobile responsive site.

    Do you want to know if your site is responsive? You can’t guess.. Ask Google instead. Visit this link (https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly) and enter your website URL ASAP. Get going and don’t waste time!

  9. Lack of Action Buttons: Every landing page should be able to contain buttons or any element that is clickable. Most often, these buttons are named as your “Call-to-action”. The role of these buttons is to make your site’s visitors take action or bring them to a contact form or appointment page.  Not just to act later, but to act now! If you’ll look at your favorite pages or sites, those buttons convey a message, and that is to make them press. And please, don’t just stick on using the usual like LEARN MORE, CLICK HERE, BUY NOW etc. There are lot’s of ways to induce action, you just have to ask yourself or even somebody beside you, What will do want to do next

  10. No Email Marketing Campaigns: Automated emails could be a less expensive way to reach out to your clients.  These timely and personalized emails can make a sale or increase your conversion rates.  Your emails are opened, clicked more frequently and can drive visits to your  website. These tools are here to make our lives easy! Most often they are used as follow ups to your visitors who have been in one of your value ladders, or to those who have opted in your website. An email list, webinar list or any opt-in is vital to keep your business up.

  11. Social Media Marketing is Non-Existent: Last but not least, whoever is not using the power of social media to promote their business might be living out of this world. Studies show that social media is by far the best tool in advertising anything. There’s nothing being invented yet to disrupt this momentum. But here’s the catch, though most business utilize this platform, one cannot fully maximize the true potential and power of social media not unless you study the whole course or hire an expert. The best tip is to engage into using these platforms but also invest time on learning the trick or even so look for an agency who has the track record of success in this field.  Facebook ads and retargeting are just a few things you could make good use of this platform.

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